• Control cables, flexible, colour- or number-coded cores
• Shielded and unshielded, from 1 to 100 cores
• 0.10 mm2 to 50 mm2; also halogen-free
• Telecommunications cable


• Sensor control cables
• From 0.04 mm2 to 0.08 mm2
• Shielded and unshielded
• 1 to 7 cores

  • Elevator control cables with strain element
• Flat cable conveyors and lifting equipment
• Drag chain cable (Schleppkettenkabel)

Flat Ribbon cable
  • Pitch: 0.635 mm, 1.27 mm, 2.50 mm and 2.54 mm
• Stranded and solid conductors, colour-coded or grey with one-side marking
• Up to 64 cores
• Round-to-flat ribbon cables

  Cat 5 to 7 twisted-pairs cables and sockets
Ethernet and Thin Ethernet cable and accessories
Coaxial cable incl. twinaxial cable
IBM cable types 1A, etc.
Interface cables
  FRNC cable
Fireproof cable with functionality in accordance with DIN

„ice-cold to hot“

PVC to +120°C
PTFE- and silicon-insulated cables
For temperatures from -50 °C to + 260 °C
Mineral insulation and nickel wires up to 400 °C

  Fibre optic cables
With plastic or glass fibres
  Cable glands
  Coaxial connectors

Power Cords
  Power cords with various plugs

Spiral cords